Charlotte Star Room

a new model for a new generation

Charlotte Star Room is a full-service music recording studio and film/video production company in Charlotte, NC. We offer voice lessons, piano lessons and many programs for aspiring singers, songwriters, producers and actors looking to explore their talents and/or maximize their exposure - Welcoming all ranges of artistic development from the beginner to the professional!

VIP Corporate Studio Party Package

If you are looking for a fun and unique experience to bring your work team together Star Room is the place for you! Team building is a great way to reduce employee stress, increase productivity and promote creativity in your business.  Not only is Singing fun and calming, it also helps communication, collaboration, and idea generation! Watch your team unleash their inner Pop Stars! Recording is a natural team-building exercise, and much more fun then some of the traditional team building activities! Our Star Room Staff will work with you to design a program that works specifically for your team and what you are looking to accomplish! 

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